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           Hey Browser! If you are looking for some information about the official Annamalai University, this is not the place to look!

          What you are looking at is the virtual classroom of a bunch of great guys and gals who had sailed on the same boat for 4 years. Though we are all on different waters now, we have had a carrier pigeon to keep us all together(! As we all would never like even a pigeon to be 'alone', heres it partner!!A Dynamic Webpage!

          So if you are still with us, Go on and enjoy our website..We are definately hospitable, and will definately try to make your visit memorable.Please sign our guest book when you want to say "bye"!

Note to members:

          Please keep the webmaster updated about the various developments, going on in your life which you would like to share. It is a good thing to have a great start, and would be successful only if we can keep this going on! Its all in your hands.

          Everyone would like to see how each other looks like now! So please send your recent pictures to Jai or Bakthi. If you are not able to scan them, just snail mail them to one of the them

          If you come to meet any of your classmates, please take their email or phone number so that we can add them to our group! Our ultimate aim is to get all of us together in one single we were in aucs!

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